She could feel my dick getting harder in her.

As I went in bed with Celina she got close to me and wanted some special
attention before going to sleep, we started to kiss and she went down on me.
Celina was an expert in blow job, she knew how to use her mouth and tongue
on my cock, I no longer count how many time she sucked me good and then
swallowed my hot sperm. After two minute of getting my dick suck, I turned
Celina on her back and gave her some affection as well, her clitoris was huge
and I liked to tease it with the tip of of my tongue, as for Celina, she enjoyed
a lot getting her pussy eaten, her clit got very hard and her fanny very wet.

We then went in a spooning position and I started to fuck her slowly from behind,
my dick was sliding in and out of her nicely as I was playing with her big tits
with my right hand. After that she sat on me and was riding my cock in a very slow
motion, I could feel her inside in all its details, she once made me cum like that
when we first started to have sex together. I let her ride my cock for a good five
minutes, I then I turned her on her belly, she lifted her butt a little and I started
to fuck her fast. Celina used to cum more than once when I was fucking her and that
position was a good one to make her have an orgasm, she came at some point and
screamed hard, I kept on drilling her hole as she was cumming. This got me very
excited and my dick got harder, Celina then moaned, "Hmm, I can feel your dick
getting harder in me". Not long after I pulled out of her and came on her ass.

This is one of the best fuck that I had with Celina.