Sex on the yoga floor. (FS)

I've been taking yoga classes for more than a year, I found it to be
quiet effective for my back and my health in general, on top of that I'm
surrounded by sexy women's doing all kind of positions, including lifting
their butts in the air. I had an eye on the teacher, a sexy woman in her
mid 30's, short blonde hair and tight bums. I had to deal with a couple
of hard-ons during classes while watching her bending.

On one evening, it was snowing a lot outside, yet I decided to go on my
regular yoga lesson. Once I arrived, I realized that there was only me and
the teacher that came on that day, We waited for about 5 minutes to see if
others were coming and then she started the lesson. We began with soft
exercises and then moved on the powerbase ones. After half an hour we
started a discussion and I learned that she was divorced for half a year,
I asked her how it was to be alone, she said that it was OK in the beginning
but she sometime miss a warm body by her side. Me being me, I got closer to
her and said, "I sometime miss a warm body by my side as well". That's all
it took for her to start kissing me, she had soft cold lips and a warm tongue.
She lied on her back while I was still kissing her, I then started to remove
her top and went on licking her boobs, they tasted good mixed with a taste
of female sweat. I quickly removed my pants and hers, she opened her legs
for me and I got inside. Her vagina was sweet and she knew how to play with her
inside muscles while I was fucking her on the floor. My dick got all creamy from
her wetness, I put her on all four and got to pound her doggy style, it was a
pleasure to fuck her with her tight butt in the air and her face down, after
5 minutes of this I took my joy stick out and ejaculated on her ass and back.

After that event, me and her kept on doing our private exercises but in the
comfort of a bed.