Sex in the kitchen

When Celina left to go buy some grocery, I also went out to get a bottle
of wine for both of us, the store did not have the regular brand that I
use to buy so I decided to go for something new, I took a bottle of Rose.
I arrived at the apartment before Celina so I went on preparing the meal,
I opted for beef paprika, it take time but it is so delicious. When Celina
finally arrived, she was pleased by the smell of the food, she asked me how
long before dinner, I told her about an hour and a half and that she could
get some wine until then. Celina then went in the living room to watch some
TV with a glass of rose while I was cooking the food.

Later on, Celina came back in the kitchen and said, "you brought me wine and
now you are repairing a good meal, let me give you something of my own", she then
went on her knee, took my dick out of my pants and started to lick my cock while
playing with my balls with her left hand. Celina was an expert in blow job, her
throat was deep and she knew how to use her tongue on my cock with maximum
efficiency. When my dick got all nice and hard, she took off her clothes, sat
on the counter and opened her legs, she then said "would you like a little snack
before the meal", I said, sure and started to eat her pussy on the kitchen counter,
she had both of her legs on my shoulder as I was licking her snatch up and down,
she got all juicy in no time, I then got up and went on banging her. Celina had
her legs wrapped around me and I was striking that pussy with cadence, when I got
close to ejaculate, I lifted Celina by her ass and started to move her up and down
on my cock as I was cumming inside her.

Later on after the meal she asked me if I wanted another snack, I said "sure".


Anonymous said...

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