After party fuck. (FS)

I got presented to Melissa by a friend of mine in a little get-together
in his apartment. Two weeks later, Me, him, Melissa and her friend, decided
to go in after-hour together. Once there, me and Melissa spent most of the
night dancing very close together, mutually teasing each other, we had a lot
of fun. We left quite  happy in the early morning . The next weekend my friend
organized another get-together in his apartment that got quickly transformed
into a party. The music was playing loud, the alcohol was flowing and more
people joined in. Melissa was there but we were not as close as we were in
the after-hour. Around 2:30 AM the party ended and I stayed there to sleep
in the living room. Melissa stayed as well, she was sharing a room with my
friend's roommate.

I woke up early in the morning and at some point I heard someone coming, it
was Melissa, she was wearing white panties and a top. Melissa was a slim
girl however I realized that she had nice round well shaped behind, in other
words she had a tight ass. She sat near me on the couch, she was laying on her
left side, giving me a good view at her ass. It was clear to me that it was
now time that me and her relief the sexual tension that we have built. I got
closer to Melissa and told her, everyone else is asleep what should we do?,
she said "I don't know, do you have an idea?", I then kissed her and she lied down
on her back, I got on top of her, tossed her panties to the side and started
to penetrate her softly. Melissa had a good sweet pussy, I was moving slowly
in her, we could not make too much noises because of the others in the
apartment, so we kept on making love quietly. Melissa then turned on her
belly and I was laying on top of her, kissing her neck while going in and out
of her fanny, I got a long orgasm in that position, my dick got harder while
I was cumming and Melissa moaned at the same time.

Me and her stayed in touch long after my friend moved out of his apartment,
her pussy is still as sweet.