Intercourse in front of big mirror.

A couple of years ago I had a big mirror on the left side of my bed, sometime
I would change position while having sex in order to have a mirror view. This is
the story of me and a shy girl having sex in front of a mirror.

That girl was good in bed, she was a moaner and loved to suck my dick. On
a summer afternoon we got aroused and started to french kiss on my bed.
I was slowly undressing her while I was tasting her lips, then I inserted
a finger inside her fanny, she was wet and ready down there, I got up of the
bed and pulled out my penis, she was sitting on the side of the bed, so I came
close to her and shoved my dick in her mouth, she was making circle with her
tongue on the head of my cock while jacking it, she knew how to use her mouth
on a dick. While I was still standing up, I opened her legs, now she was laying
on her back with her legs and beaver hanging outside the bed, I was now penetrating
her in that position. I was holding both of her legs in the air while I was
drilling her pussy, she was getting my dick all wet.

After a couple of minutes like this, I went on the bed and lay on my back just in
front of the mirror. When she sat on me, my dick was so hard and her pussy so wet
that it just slide in. She was doing up and down movement on my cock, I was watching
in the mirror and I could see my cock coming out of her vagina and disappearing inside
of it, with her ass shaking at the same time, it was a good sexy view. I told her
to turn around and look at it, when she did, her face turned red, she got shy,
however a couple of seconds later her pussy started to get more and more juicy,
that view really got her excited. Her pussy getting more wet, combined with
the view of her ass in the mirror made me shot my load, when she got up I could see
my cum dripping out of twat.