From the submay to her apartement. (FS)

I went in downtown to buy a book and the best way to get there without
traffic and parking problems is by subway. I was quit happy to see that
the book I was looking for was available in the first bookstore I went.
On my way back while waiting for the subway, I notice a blonde girl near
me with glasses, wearing a mid long skirt and looking at me with a friendly
face. My first thought about her was that she look like a free minded girl
seeking for pleasure. She sat near me when I got in the train, I then proceed
to read some passages in the book I just brought, that's when I heard her say,
"I love that author", I turned my head around and answered, yes he is a good
author, from there we started a conversation. I learned that she was not from
the city and got there 2 months ago for her study in the university. She told
me that she had many other books from the same author in her apartment, I said
that I would like to take a look them, she answered that I could come and look
if I wished.

We got out of the train together and went in her apartment, she was living near
the university. Once there, I sat on the couch in her living room and she served
me some juice while showing me her books, by her manners it was clear to me that
she wanted to show me more than her books. She kept on smiling and looked very
happy so I just kissed her on the couch, she answered by sitting on me while we
were kissing, she was now grinding on my dick while I was tasting her lips. I
removed her top and bra and started to lick both of her tit's at the same
time I was grabbing her ass under her skirt. She then got down on her knee in
front of me, unzipped my pants and took my pleasure bar in her mouth while
removing her panties. After a few minutes of good oral sex, she sat on me again
but this time with my cock in her. She must have been horny for a long time
because she was creaming my cock with her wetness. She still had her glasses
on and looked very naughty, I turned her on her back, lifted her right leg up
and started to shag her with passion until I loaded her snatch with my sperm.

We exchanged phone numbers after and she still call me to know if I'm available
to come check "her books".


Mutual masturbation and creampie. (FS)

Here is a nifty erotic story involving Me and Amanda. We went on a
weekend together outside the city. We rented a room in a very nice little
hotel and spent most of our weekend walking in nature and discovering the
area. It was a beautiful natural place with a lot of vegetation and tall trees.
On Sunday morning, I had to go out to buy a big bottle of water, the closest
store was 15 minutes away by car, I did not waste time once I got there, I took
the bottle and came back.

When I arrived, I caught Amanda on the bed masturbating with her legs
wide open. As I saw that, I said, "do you mind to share some of that
pleasure with me?", she got surprised and I went near her and started to
masturbate her already wet vagina, as I was activating my fingers on her
clitoris, she unzipped my jeans and took out my pleasure bar and started
to masturbate me as well. I was standing up and she was on the bed, my
cock got hard quickly in her hand, her pussy was getting more wet, I was
sliding two fingers inside her from time to time and use her juice to
lubricate her clitoris. I then removed my pants and went between her legs,
my dick got inside her soft fanny with ease, she was so moist and steamy,
it felt good inside her. Amanda had both of her hands on my butt and was
pushing it as to get me go deeper in her, I was sliding in and out of her
cunt very fast. She then turned around and I went on shagging her doggy
style, Amanda was screaming in pleasure as my dick was exploring her pussy
from behind, after 6 minutes of this, I ejaculated inside her. My cum was
leaking from her pussy when she got on her back. Then Amanda said,
"I'm thirsty", I said, "good, I brought some water."


Fucking the blonde secretary on her desk. (FS)

Megan started to work for me two years ago, she is a bonde girl with
a cute face, a nice pair of tits and a good looking ass. We always had
a boss employee relationship but that changed at the last christmas party,
at the end of the night she jacked my cock in the bathrooms until I shot my
load all over her dress. We never talked about it after, for me it was a
christmas party thing until one day when there was only me and her left at
the office, I went on her desk to get some papers that she was working on,
after she gave them to me she said, "remember the christmas party?", I said
yes, she then replied, "You got all the fun and I was left on my appetite".
I did not know what to reply so I just went close to Megan and kissed her.

She then dropped on her knee, pulled my cock out and started to pump it with
skills, she was jacking it very fast in her mouth, I told her, "stop before
I cum or you will be left on your appetite again". Megan was wearing a dress,
she removed her panties and sat on the desk, I went between her legs and
started to taste her already wet vagina, she tasted sweet, I then got up
and went on banging her, her blonde pussy was tight and hot and I was rock
hard inside her, Megan was moaning loud while softly massaging the back of
my head. We then changed position, she put both of her hands on the desk and
lifted her ass up, what a good looking ass she had, I got behind her and pushed
my whole cock inside, she was screaming of pleasure, I was fucking Megan so
hard that we could hear the sound of my balls slapping her, minutes later her
fanny was filled with my hot cum.

Megan is the best secretary I never had, she answer the phone, do some paper
work and empty my balls.


MILF Erotic story. (FS)

I was coming back from work and got out of the subway, as I was walking to
my house I saw a MILF in her parking trying to pick a box out of her car,
the box was too heavy for her because as soon she got it out of the car, she
put it on the concrete, when she bowed down to try to pick it up, I got a
nice view at her big round ass in her short. Be the good guy that I am, I
offered my help. It was a TV that she just brought, I took one side and
she took the other, we put it in her living room. She said thank you after
that and offered me some iced tea. Her name was Melissa, a good looking MILF
in her late 30's, she had mid brown hair, a nice body and most of all a very
attractive behind. I left after finishing the glass of tea.

Two weeks later I saw Melissa in the super market, we started to chat a little,
at some point Melissa asked me about all that microwave food in my basket, I
told her that with my work, I don't have that much time to prepare food, she
answered "I see, would you like to have a warm meal tonight?", I told her yes.
So now I had a date for later that day.

I arrived at her house around 6 PM, it was smelling good, she was making pastas.
When the food was ready we went in the kitchen to eat, I gave her compliments
about how good of a cook she was and she seemed very please. After the meal, we
stayed in the kitchen and kept on talking, I learned that she was single and lived
there for about 6 months. She had a sensual look on her face, so at some point I
got up of my chair, took one of her hand and told Melissa "come here", she got up
and we started to kiss in the kitchen. I then removed her top and bra and went on
licking her tits, she seemed to enjoy it a lot. When her nipples got hard, I removed
my pants and she got naked as well. Melissa then went down on me, licking my joy
stick with skills, after two minutes she went on a chair and put both of her hands
and her right knee on it, offering me a very good view of her ass. The view was so
good that rather than fucking her right away in that position, I started to lick her
from behind. Her ass was just above my nose as I was passing my tongue up and
down over her wet crack. I then stood up and started to fuck her in that position,
I was going in and out of her vagina with passion, she was moaning as I was drilling
her. We changed position and she sat on the kitchen counter and opened her legs, I
got straight in her pussy and after 5 minutes of banging I exploded inside her.

After that event, when ever I need to have a warm meal, I go see Melissa.


Tight black pants (FS)

I went to the cinema with a friend to watch some action flick, the movie was
ok and the pop corn was expensive. When we got out I saw a good looking woman
with long brown hair waiting in line for the same movie, she was nicely dress
with tight black pants. She was looking at me as well, then she dropped her
cinema ticket and had to bow down to get it, I had the perfect angle to take
a look at her first class ass when she did. This gave me motivation to go talk
to her. Camille was her name, after some formal presentation, I told Camille
that I have to leave however I would like to stay in touch, she gave me a business
card, when I left to go join my friend outside, I realized that Camille was a
defense lawyer.

I called Camille the next day and invited her to go take a coffee. It was the
weekend and the weather was excellent. When we met, we sat outside to drink
our coffee. Camille was telling me that she started to practice 2 years ago
and she is originally from another city. After about an hour of conversation
I invited her to my house to watch a movie that she liked that I had on dvd.
On arrival, Camille got quickly comfortable, she sat on my couch while I went
to get something to drink in the kitchen, I sat near her when I got back and
before putting the movie, I went half way to kiss her and she did the other
half. We forgot about the DVD as we were french kissing on the couch, I then
got up and took her by the hand and showed her the way to my bedroom. It did
not take long before she was removing her black panties and was laying on her
back with her legs open waiting for me. I got on top of her and we kissed again
at the same time I slowly inserted my penis inside her wet snatch. We were close,
both of her arms were around my back while I was activating my pleasure bar in
her. We then moved on the side in a spooning position and I was drilling Camille
from behind while playing with her hard nipples, it was good to feel her ass
pressing on my abdomen as I was giving her the good, not long after, I exploded
inside her steamy vagina.

Since then, me and Camille got many other weekends together and I still like
her tight black pants.


Sex on the yoga floor. (FS)

I've been taking yoga classes for more than a year, I found it to be
quiet effective for my back and my health in general, on top of that I'm
surrounded by sexy women's doing all kind of positions, including lifting
their butts in the air. I had an eye on the teacher, a sexy woman in her
mid 30's, short blonde hair and tight bums. I had to deal with a couple
of hard-ons during classes while watching her bending.

On one evening, it was snowing a lot outside, yet I decided to go on my
regular yoga lesson. Once I arrived, I realized that there was only me and
the teacher that came on that day, We waited for about 5 minutes to see if
others were coming and then she started the lesson. We began with soft
exercises and then moved on the powerbase ones. After half an hour we
started a discussion and I learned that she was divorced for half a year,
I asked her how it was to be alone, she said that it was OK in the beginning
but she sometime miss a warm body by her side. Me being me, I got closer to
her and said, "I sometime miss a warm body by my side as well". That's all
it took for her to start kissing me, she had soft cold lips and a warm tongue.
She lied on her back while I was still kissing her, I then started to remove
her top and went on licking her boobs, they tasted good mixed with a taste
of female sweat. I quickly removed my pants and hers, she opened her legs
for me and I got inside. Her vagina was sweet and she knew how to play with her
inside muscles while I was fucking her on the floor. My dick got all creamy from
her wetness, I put her on all four and got to pound her doggy style, it was a
pleasure to fuck her with her tight butt in the air and her face down, after
5 minutes of this I took my joy stick out and ejaculated on her ass and back.

After that event, me and her kept on doing our private exercises but in the
comfort of a bed.